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The first thing to do when planning a product promotion is planning. Who are the users of the product or service? Who are the buyers? Will the product or service solve any human problem? What should the price be? Users of the product or service spend more time on any digital platform. How are their interests and behavior? How they act or react on any issue. Product supply chain, packaging, transportation, delivery, etc. are also planned.

At the end of planning we create a funnel for the product or service, called a sales funnel. The sales funnel outlines the strategies and steps to follow from the start of the product or service promotion to the sale. How to use the data of those who will buy it later, how to encourage those who will not buy it by showing ads, pressure or greed to buy again are the steps that are planned in advance while making the funnel.

Targeting is very important in promoting a product. Properly targeting the promotion of a product or service needs to reach the right customers. Advertising baby diapers or toys is nothing but a waste of time and money for those who do not have a baby. Again, there is no benefit in showing someone other than the owner of the building that I work to paint the building. So I carefully target any product promotion.

After spending lakhs of rupees on the promotion of a product or service, if it is noticed that the campaign is not working well, but the amount of loss has become much higher. So in the promotion of a product or service, we first run a few test ads. By analyzing the results of those ads, we create a summary of which ads will work better and reduce costs. Then we run that winning ad on a large scale and review the performance of the ad every day.

You visited different websites thinking of buying a fridge but you did not buy the fridge because you did not think of something or did not meet the expectations. What if the next day you see a fridge ad on social media, you get a discount! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Why are we the best?

I have been involved in digital marketing since 2016-17 in the marketing climate of Bangladesh. Digital marketing in Bangladesh is relatively more complex than in any other country. Agencies in Bangladesh have come up with a marketing idea called Boosting. 98% of marketers have joined this group, which has made real marketing difficult. But the hope is that the environment is slowly changing. Although little late, many people are now realizing that boosting marketing is nothing but a waste of time and money.

Promoting any product or service in Bangladesh to reach the right people is a complex task. When one enters marketing, it is difficult to find the right and effective buyer or audience among the social media users who have so many fake accounts, so many show-offs, and profiles sorted with false information.

As a result of our long work on the above issues, we have developed some very effective strategies that we can use to quickly deliver any product or service promotion to the right people at a low cost.

We do not have to give any instructions or chase on behalf of the company if it takes the responsibility of digitizing an organization or marketing on a digital platform. We carry out all kinds of plans to increase the growth of the company at our own risk and we implement those plans step by step subject to the permission of the company authorities.

The number of individuals or organizations who have given the responsibility of marketing to the marketing agency and are frustrated by not getting the right results is not small. So we are working with different companies on Pay Based Sale Grow. Performance-based remuneration is the only way we will get paid if we can increase the company’s sales or revenue or growth. Otherwise, I will do the work of marketing for free.

Why digital marketing is needed?

With the development of technology and the addition of new benefits to technology, the presence of people on digital platforms is increasing day by day. Digital devices are now our constant companion. Therefore, the trend of digital activities and advertisements of traders on digital platforms is also increasing day by day. At the present time business expansion cannot be thought of without a campaign on a website and social media. So SEO or SEM on the website and advertising on social media said the need for digital marketing is undeniable.

Large businesses are using online to promote their products. In addition, digital methods give much higher results than other marketing methods. So, most of the campaigns are now being done online. On the other hand, digital marketing profession is becoming popular as a career.

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Business

You want to sell baby diapers. Babies will use diapers but parents will buy them. Wouldn’t it be great if you had all the information on which parents have babies and who bought the diapers or how to collect them? It could have been sold much less with less effort.

The information about who among the students of Dhaka University wants to give BCS will not be available with the authorities of the university.

You can’t find BCS candidates by contacting everyone separately, so if there was a way you could find out at home or in the office who would give BCS, then offer them BCS coaching or give them BCS books. Could sell.

Thousands of such cases come before businessmen or entrepreneurs. Businesses or entrepreneurs who can easily solve all these problems, their growth skyrockets in a short time. You may think that the process of solving this problem is very complicated and time consuming and the cost is beyond reach. But the reality is that none of this is completely true. In the age of technology, it is possible to quickly promote any product or service to the right people in a short time, at a lower cost than before.

You’re right. Really possible!

Digital marketing is one of the platforms that you can use to deliver your product and service information to the right buyers in a very short time and at a very low cost. The range of this platform is getting bigger day by day. So no entrepreneur or trader has the slightest chance of avoiding this platform. The later you start, the harder it will be for you to get a good position.

I hope you understand that whether you are an entrepreneur or a businessman or a job seeker or a technology lover you should learn digital marketing or do marketing with a digital marketing agency.

What is marketing?

The word ‘marketing’ we read in the book means to market, to promote. Marketing is usually about promoting something.

But marketing is actually some of the strategies or measures that make customers interested in the product or service.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of a product or service using digital devices and technology (mobile, computer, internet, etc.). This is also called online campaign.

Why online campaigns are important

There was a time when any of the new products in the market would actually go door to door with some of their employees informing everyone about that product and attracting them to buy. At present those campaigns are going to be done very easily using online digital technology. The quality of the product, the requirements, everything is going to be beautifully presented to the customer online.
At present, out of 11 crore 26 lakh internet users in Bangladesh, about 44 million people use Facebook. Facebook is the third most visited website in Bangladesh after Google and YouTube.

Of the current 4.56 billion or 456 crore Internet users in the world, about 2.75 billion or 265 crore people use Facebook. You can easily share your product or service information with 275 crore people through Facebook at home or in your office.

Now think about how many customers you can get if you market your business or product online. That’s why online campaigns are important for every business.

Some more important issues are discussed below:

1. Consumers are becoming more and more digital

With the change of time and technology, a lot is changing among the consumers of each product. What is the product that consumers now want to see before buying a product? What are the qualities? What are the benefits to the consumer? Who else provides such services? What is the difference between these products and them? The consumer can easily use his mobile phone or computer to know whether his acquaintance is using the same product or whether the general public is reviewing the product. Once upon a time, these questions could be easily understood by the consumer in a short time but now by searching on Google or Facebook it is easy to see which company is providing product pictures, product features and products, consumer feedback and many more answers. And he is most interested in buying products that are easily accessible and see positive reviews. Since the consumer is using digital method before purchasing the product, you also have to reach out to him using digital method. You need to present the brand and your product to the customer through Google, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. So that they can easily find out if they want to know about your brand or product. Then the sales of your product will increase. Your business will grow. In 2018, consumers will pay more attention to reviews, so it is important to think about this issue.

2. Digital marketing strategy can be applied at low cost

The biggest difference between digital marketing and conventional marketing methods is that through digital marketing you can reach your business to the desired customer at a very low cost. You can easily reach millions of customers through a Facebook page or a YouTube channel, which is very expensive in the conventional local marketing method. Various e-commerce companies are delivering product information to thousands of people in our country by spending a few dollars through Facebook ads. Again, it is going to reach the right person by targeting through age, profession, interest etc. So all the small and big companies in the world are taking advantage of this opportunity of digital marketing. Why would you wrap yourself up.

3. Can be easily tracked

As well as marketing, you have to track the results of marketing. What are the steps of marketing? How much success was found? How did the customer feel about the product or service? Etc. You can know through the tracking system of digital marketing. If you create a website and do SEO as an important part of digital marketing, you will easily get visitors and you can track those visitors through Google Analytics. This means that you can find out how many people your SEO method has brought to you and what the results are.

Then what needs to change in marketing? Understand what needs to be added. But it is not possible to understand how many people know about you through conventional marketing methods. For example, you marketed your business through different banners or posters but you can’t say how many people saw this poster or banner and how many people knew about you. But in digital marketing, almost every aspect can be tracked. If your marketing strategy doesn’t work well, you can easily change that strategy. It will also reduce marketing costs.

4. Trends can be easily identifiedঃ

Trends are always important for marketing. Trends change the way marketing is done. Because marketing always has to be in line with the trend. Again the trend is always changing. So a marketer always has to keep an eye on the trend. The most effective way to detect or follow a trend is through digital media. All the trends in digital marketing are easily known and understood. Google Trends shows what kind of trends are going on in certain places at certain times. Strategies can be created according to that trend before creating a marketing method.

5. It is very easy to build a relationship with the customer

We know how important it is for a business to build relationships with customers. This relationship can be easily created through digital marketing. Digital marketing is done through websites, blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, etc. where the customer can directly express their experience. Through which a relationship with them is easily formed. Their likes and dislikes are known and initiatives can be taken easily depending on it. So digital marketing is more effective than conventional marketing methods in this regard.

6. Competitive traders

The simplest answer to why you should do digital marketing is that your competitor is doing digital marketing. Whether in our country or internationally, you can see the application of digital marketing in all cases. Today, a very small businessman in our country is promoting his product through his Facebook page. Showing the product to the customer through live video. Just like the big companies are hiring professional digital marketers for digital marketing, working according to the plan of digital marketing strategist. Why don’t you If you don’t do digital marketing, a large part of the customer will not know about your product and brand. Then your competitor will take this opportunity.

Ways to do digital marketing

There are many methods of marketing digitally. Which method is more effective for your business, you need to find out which method will allow your product to reach the customer easily.At present, out of 11 crore 26 lakh internet users in Bangladesh, about 44 million people use Facebook. Facebook is the third most visited website in Bangladesh after Google and YouTube.

Of the current 4.56 billion or 456 crore Internet users in the world, about 2.75 billion or 265 crore people use Facebook. You can easily share your product or service information with 275 crore people through Facebook at home or in your office.

Now think about how many customers you can get if you market your business or product online. That’s why online campaigns are important for every business.

Some of the best methods

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.
The job of SEO is to bring your website or your product or service to the top in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Nowadays everyone uses a browser and searches Google before buying a product to find out the details about that product. Then he orders if he likes the product.
Now if your site is not on the first or 1st page in search engine then you will get less visitors. And less visitors means less sales or not. This is why it is important and important to SEO your website or product pages. Besides, the value of this sector is the highest in the market.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Also called paid SEO marketing.
This marketing is done to bring your website or product pages to the forefront of search engines by spending money. When we do a Google search, there are a few results on top of the organic results which are paid results. In which the ad is written. A marketer is needed to do this job properly. Otherwise your money and labor both fail if you don’t do it properly.

Social media marketing

Social Media Merketing is abbreviated as SMM.
Marketing using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) is social media marketing.
There are currently more than 433 crore social media users worldwide. They are constantly using social media. With this huge amount of users if you can properly promote your product then your customer will not be lacking.
In addition, many companies have taken social media as their main medium of promotion. Only through social media is it possible to start a new business and many are doing so. That is why social media is most important in marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

The big companies have launched affiliate systems to increase the sales of their business. Affiliate marketing is about selling your products through others. That means you become the third person in that company to sell their product to the second person. Since the sale is through you, you will get a certain amount of commission. This benefits both the company and the third party. Currently every company has an affiliate system in their business. In building a business brand, the affiliate system is much more effective in increasing product sales. Amazon is the largest affiliate company in the world. Anyone can earn good commissions without Amazon’s affiliate marketing.

Content marketing

The most important thing in marketing is content. Content can be anything, such as: images, audio, video, text, etc. When you campaign, if you use the content properly, in the right place, at the right time, you will get much better results. So, you need to use your content properly to promote your product.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is about informing customers about your product or service through email.
In this age of digital technology, everyone has one or more email addresses and everyone checks their email more or less every day. If you email any information or offer about your product or service to the target clients, they will check the email and they will know about the new product or various offers. You can collect emails from your customers through various form fill-up boxes for email marketing.

Display Advertising

It is also one of the most popular media outlets. When we use the internet, we see ads for different types of products or services, so is display advertising.
Everyone uses the internet all the time. This will allow them to learn about your company, services or products through the ads you promote.

Viral Marketing

This medium is different from other mediums and is the most effective. Viral marketing is a method by which the object of your promotion reaches everyone in a matter of moments. Such campaigns reach everyone with the wind. These are usually done through the customer. Some people call this marketing word of mouth, although there are some differences. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. We have to do something so that everyone can share it with each other on their own initiative. And that is what viral marketing is all about.
All of the methods described above are used in digital marketing. There are also other methods that are not very effective.

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