8. Take time between revisions. Come back later to see your design work with fresh eyes.

Top Ten Front-End Design Rules For Developers You should know:

✅ Design in a graphics program. Don’t design from code, not even the small stuff.
✅ Match the design. Be conscious of the original design and don’t try to improve it, just match it.
✅ Typography is huge. The time you spend making sure it’s right should reflect its importance.
✅ Avoid tunnel vision. Make sure your additions stand out only as much as they should. They’re not more important just because you designed them.
✅ Relationships and hierarchy: Understand how they work in the design so that you can implement them properly.
✅ Whitespace and alignment are important. Make them accurate to the pixel and make them evenly throughout anything you add.
✅ If you’re not confident in your skills, then make your additions as minimally styled as you can.
✅ Take time between revisions. Come back later to see your design work with fresh eyes.

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